Towing with the 2024 Acadia

May 07, 2024 - 2 minute read

2024 GMC Acadia Front View - SUV Towing

As GMC’s largest model not built on a truck platform, the soon-to-arrive 2024 Acadia is designed to seat seven and carry cargo with the smooth, quiet comfort of a family sedan. The transverse layout of the turbocharged inline-4 engine and transmission enables a shorter overall length yet a spacious cabin. But truck-based models are known for towing. So, if you have a trailer to tow, is the Acadia for you? This blog post from Krusen Motors gives you the answers.

Step 1: Get the Trailer Package

The base Acadia Elevation FWD and AWD can tow a maximum of 1,500 pounds. But that quickly increases to 5,000 pounds if you add the $650 Trailering Package to the Elevation (code name V92). This package is standard on the AT4 and Denali trim levels. For all trims, the 5,000 lb. maximum towing capacity is the same for FWD and AWD models. This Trailering Package consists of the following:

  • 7-pin wiring harness

  • Factory-installed Class III hitch

  • Heavy-duty cooling system

  • Hitch Guidance with Hitch View

  • 220 amp alternator

The heavy-duty cooling system and 220 amp alternator are the primary factors in the increased towing capacity. The Hitch Guidance helps you tow in several ways. When in reverse, it displays a centered guideline on the Rear Vision Camera view. On the road, it enables you to view the trailer even if your cargo area is loaded to the headliner. 

Hitch View creates a downward view from the rear camera directly to where the hitch ball will be to help you line up the ball with the trailer’s tongue coupler. You can also use this view while on the road to check the hitch connection if you suspect a problem. An additional function of this system is that shifting to park will automatically engage the electric brakes if such are installed. 

Follow These Towing Tips

GMC has these recommendations regarding towing with the Acadia. Before towing, they recommend you deactivate the following features:

  • Park Assist

  • Reverse Automatic Braking

  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert

  • Rear Cross Traffic Braking

  • Lane Change Alert

  • Adaptive Cruise Control (unless the vehicle is equipped with trailering functionality)

If you purchase the Acadia new, you should wait until after the break-in period of 500 miles before towing. They also recommend an oil shortly before towing a trailer near the capacity. When you tow for the first time, do not make full-throttle starts or drive over 50 mph during the first 500 miles. Depending on the conditions, towing may cause the 8-speed transmission to change gears more than you prefer. If so, use the manual shifting option. 

Trailering with Super Cruise

Super Cruise is available on the 2024 Acadia Denali. It is compatible with towing, but not if the model is equipped with an aftermarket brake controller, as the system cannot operate it properly. You should also know that the SuperCruise Lane Change function does not operate when towing. 

If you have been wondering about the Towing abilities of the Acadia, we hope this post has answered your questions. If you have any additional questions, please contact one of the Krusen Motors sales professionals for assistance. They can also tell you when the 2024 Acadia model arrives.

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