Ram and Dodge Brands Earn 2024 Kelley Blue Book Consumer Choice Awards

May 15, 2024 - 3 minute read

Ram and Dodge Vehicles Win KBB Consumer Choice Awards

Krusen Motors is thrilled to share that Kelley Blue Book has bestowed its prestigious Consumer Choice Awards upon two esteemed Stellantis brands, Ram and Dodge. Ram has been crowned the Best Overall Truck Brand, a testament to the trust and preference of our valued consumers. Similarly, Dodge has been recognized as the Best Car Styling Brand in the non-luxury category, a title it has proudly held for five of the past six years. These accolades are a direct result of the discerning choices made by our consumers, underscoring their pivotal role in our success. 

The Kelley Blue Book Consumer Choice Awards illustrate and validate these two automotive brands' popularity and customer satisfaction. The winning selections are based on the data from their annual Brand Watch study, which engaged over 12,000 in-market new-vehicle shoppers through KBB.com. The study explores the factors that drive purchase decisions among new-car shoppers, including brand perception. 

Ram: Best Overall Truck Brand

The award comes at a good time for Ram as it prepares the launch of a notably updated 2025 Ram 1500, particularly the model’s use of the new Hurricane 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-6 engine family that replaces and surpasses the performance of the model’s previous V-8 engines, including a High Output version rated at 540 horsepower. Other features to arrive with the 2025 truck include a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster, upgrade center touchscreens of 12 and 14.2 inches, and even an available 10.25 front passenger display, all of which use the latest version of the intuitive Uconnect 5 operating system. Other available features include a color Head-up Display and the ability to use a smartphone as a key.

Coming in the fall of 2024 is the 2025 Ram 1500 REV full-size all-electric pickup. The REV, which closely resembles the conventional Ram 1500, will have a standard 168-kilowatt-hour battery for an estimated range of 350 miles. Dual motors will produce 654 horsepower and 620 lb-ft of torque across all rpm. The truck will have an impressive maximum payload capacity of 2,625 pounds and a towing capacity of up to 14,000 pounds. Following in the 2026 model year is an available 229-kilowatt-hour battery for an estimated range of 500 miles. 

Dodge: Best Car Styling

Though Dodge reclaims this award in the same year, it says farewell to its Charger and Challenger model lines, hot on the heels of their departure will be the arrival of the all-new Charger Daytona. This multi-energy model line will begin with a 2-door coupe, which will be the world’s first EV muscle car. Following this model will be a gas-powered version of the same using the Hurricane engines mentioned above, as well as both gas and battery-powered and EV 4-door models. Both body styles echo muscle car lines from Dodge’s past while looking thoroughly modern, giving Dodge a good shot of earning this award next year.  

Ram and Dodge are both part of the Stellantis brand family, which includes Chrysler and Jeep. Each has exciting models. You will find them all in the Krusen Motors inventory.

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