2025 Ram 1500 Trades Hemis for Hurricanes, and It’s a Good Thing

May 01, 2024 - 3 minute read

A silver pickup truck is parked in a garage or a similar indoor space, with its front end facing the viewer.

2024 marks 30 years since the Ram 1500, then under the Dodge brand, was redesigned with a tall grille flanked by lower fenders with embedded headlights that many soon proclaimed as the “big-rig look. Such bold style had never appeared on a conventional pickup truck before and it quickly revolutionized the category with each manufacturer trying to out “tough” the other. It is to the point where all of rural America and a good portion of suburban streets are filled with these massive vehicles that all appear to want to eat or bulldoze over whatever is in front of them. 

So, it is with interest that the new 2025 Ram 1500 has stepped away from the I’m-tougher-than-you design language and instead turned toward refinement. Krusen Motors gives you an initial glance at the new 2025 Ram 1500.

The new Ram pickup hasn't undergone a complete exterior redesign. Instead, the grille and headlights have been meticulously refined, presenting a truck that mirrors the highly acclaimed ride quality of its double control-arm front and five-link solid rear axle supported by coil springs. The major changes are concealed within the sheet metal, notably the introduction of the new family of Hurricane engines. 

A Good Replacement for Displacement

The Ram 1500 base engine continues to be the 305-hp Pentastar 3.6-liter V-6. It is when you upgrade from there that you encounter the big league change where instead of the Hemi V-8, you move up to a Hurricane all aluminum 3.0-liter twin-turbo straight-six. The engine produces 420 horsepower - 25 more than the Hemi - and 460 lb-ft of torque. With each turbo only charged with filling three cylinders, they spool up quickly to the point that you reach that peak torque at a low 3,500 rpm. The engine is paired with an 8-speed Torqueflite automatic. The EPA combined estimate for the powertrain with 4WD is 24, which gets you two more miles per gallon than the V-8, and probably more if you’re light on the throttle, as is often the case with turbocharged engines. 

If those numbers don’t wow you, the High-Output Hurricane remains at 3.0 liters but increases its turbo boost from 22 to 28 psi to produce 540 horsepower and 521 lb-ft of grunt. Forged aluminum pistons, revised ignition coils, and upgraded fuel injectors are on hand to handle the bigger booms. The 8-speed Torqueflite transmission handles this engine as well.

Cabin Improvements Range from Tech Updates to Lavish

Again, the theme in the cabin is finesse over redesign. What used to be the upgraded touchscreen of 8.4 inches is now standard, while the upgrade is 12 inches in a portrait format run by the latest version of the intuitive Uconnect system. But Ram doesn’t require you to use the big screen for everything, as controls for temperature, fan speed, defrost, and other functions border each side. All models come with wireless smartphone compatibility.

The Tungsten model replaces the Limited at the top of the 1500 range, turning the 1500 into a full-on luxury vehicle with an open bed in the back. Lower models already offer leather, but here, it has quilted leather seats that are heated and ventilated with massaging. In the center is a 14.2-inch touchscreen, and the front passenger gets their own 10.25-inch touchscreen to control the 23-speaker 1,228-watt Klipsch-branded audio system. 

We could go on about the Tungsten and the rest of the 2025 Ram 1500 model lineup, but it would be better for you to visit Krusen Motorsand see them for yourself as they are already in our inventory.

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